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To make all brands & businesses discoverable to the end user

The Need
Search engines today make it increasingly difficult to discover new brands or businesses. If you're able to remember a brand name or an element of the brand name, well n good. If not, you're left scratching your head trying to figure out what word you should key in to get the desired result. Many quality websites are not able to find their way through to the top 10 results because of cutthroat competition for the same space.

Antya - your simplified search engine - aims to solve this problem. If you're looking for a low cost airline that has just launched, but don't quite remember its name, key in a related airline on Antya, and you will find your result. That's not all; all websites are ranked according to users' preference. For a given context, this will give you a better idea of which websites are more popular among the users. Try " social networking" and you will know what we mean. Antya also aims to get to the long tail niche websites out there and bring them to the fore, introducing them to users for their day-to-day needs.

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